Friday, July 18, 2014

Project Pie: Week 1

For our first pie we chose to go with a blueberry recipe (my favorite pie) since blueberries where on sale and we forgot to look up a recipe before we went to the store.  So the recipe we chose from the 3-4 blueberry options was: Glazed Blueberry Pie.

2014-07-13 16.05.45

Note: I make a very good blueberry pie from a recipe I found a few years ago. I always make my own crust from a super easy recipe and it always turns out perfect. So this pie had a lot to live up to.

First up I tried their crust recipe. This was a single crust pie so I only needed to make and roll out one. Their recipe called for shortening or lard…I ALWAYS use butter, but Adam said “try it there way”. Well I did and I’ll never do it again. I couldn't roll that thing out for the life of me and in the end this is what I ended up with…

2014-07-13 16.05.25

I had to really paste the thing together to fill the pan. In the end it came out ok, not pretty, but it would do.

2014-07-13 16.23.39

This recipe had a lot of cooling between steps, so it’s definitely not a quick go to whip up a pie recipe. I had to wait for the crust to cool and the cream cheese to soften before spreading it on the bottom only to let it re-cool. Finally I added the blueberries.

2014-07-13 18.35.51Not cooked or anything, just raw… (If I were to do this again I would have either used less berries here or tossed them in the with glaze for a moment.) The last step is the glaze. It’s pretty straight forward. Only “tough” part was straining the berries, if you can call it tough.

2014-07-13 18.35.55Then you mix the juice with sugar and cornstarch to make the glaze.2014-07-13 18.45.23

When it thickens you pour it over the berries in the pie. And then let it chill some more.

2014-07-13 18.55.22

Finally around 8 o’clock we finally had a piece of pie. (a good 4 hours after I started)

2014-07-13 20.52.41

It was good, not great. And it was not better then my blueberry pie by a long shot. I think the raw berries were a little odd. But I did like the idea of the cream cheese on the crust. Towards the end of the week the crust was a bit soggy, but it was still good.

Up next is Cream pies. I’m going to let Adam pick it out. I’m really hoping he picks peanut butter…but I have a feeling it will be coconut. Hopefully he’s not to tired Sunday night after his tournament to whip one up!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Humpday Photodump!

Happy Humpday All! We survived another week of Florida Summer. Luckily it hasn’t been to unbearable out thanks to overcast days and nightly showers.  This past weekend was our first weekend home in over 3 weeks. It was nice. I did 6 loads of laundry, we both did stuff to our cars and I made a pie. This weekend will be ALL Ultimate as Adam plays in the Masters National Tournament. Go Woolly Mammoth! (that’s his team name) Anyho…here’s our week:

Adam attempting to give Charlie a Jordan ride…Jordan wants no part of this.2014-07-03 16.23.01We finally made it to “Rock the Park” unfortunately it rained so we didn’t get much Rock, but Charlie still had a good time!2014-07-03 19.59.374th of July found us on Marco Island. We had a relaxing fun weekend…and Charlie has yet to see fireworks, she slept through the whole thing on the beach.2014-07-04 20.01.25Daycare was closed the following week so Adam watched her on Monday…2014-07-16 08.47.412014-07-16 08.47.252014-07-16 08.47.322014-07-09 19.23.52And Auntie ‘Nette came on Tuesday!2014-07-10 19.35.58-12014-07-10 19.30.19-12014-07-10 19.33.57-2She pushed the button herself…Selfie!2014-07-11 18.08.18-1After missing 3 lessons in a row we are back at swim lessons…I hope it gets better cause she wasn’t really having it.2014-07-16 09.03.30

Three weekends away meant no Adeline so it was high time for a play date….2014-07-12 16.29.03At the bar! ah ha2014-07-12 18.15.05-1

Honda had a nice little play area for C while my AWD fluid got changed.2014-07-13 12.44.01Potty training is eminent. She brought the diaper to us then laid on the floor.2014-07-13 14.29.04

Deadlines at work mean a few extra hours and someone gets to come to mommy’s work…and play on a $6000 white chair.2014-07-14 17.27.362014-07-14 17.29.52

I absently held up some cards one night when she was playing. “Charlie what’s this?” she then proceeded to identify these letters. Then she had to pick me off the floor cause I had passed out. WTF? you’re 19 months old!! You shouldn’t be able to tell me what letters these are!! Crap.2014-07-14 19.02.43

Daddy gives her whatever she wants…he’s going for “favorite”2014-07-16 08.48.21

Have a great week!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

New Life(Style) Goal: A Pie a Week

Yep. Good ole pie. That's our new goal in life. I think it’s a good one too. Not for my waist line, but for general happiness…ha ha

So why? Well Adam, my cousin Chris, and myself were in a second hand store on Marco Island perusing the cookbook section and I came across this book: photo

We love pie and jokingly I said..oo lets make a pie a week, blog about it, then they can make a movie about us and we’ll become rich and famous. Well Adam being the go-getter pie lover jumped on the idea and we decided to do it…the making a pie a week thing.

So with our 36 year old pie book (that contains 169 recipes) we will choose and make 1 pie a week for a year. It will be an absolute miracle if we actually do it, but we’re going to have fun trying and tasting these old recipes.  I’m sure some will be flops but hopefully we’ll find some that are worth repeating over and over.

Sunday I made our first pie and while it was good, I won’t be making it that way again…nor using their crust recipe. But more on that later.  So do you have a favorite pie recipe or a pie that you’ve always loved but never tackled? Adam Loves coconut crème…so that’s one he’s looking forward to. And I’m anxious to perfect the peach pie (my mom’s is the best). Anyway wish us luck and maybe if you’re lucky we’ll you’ll get to sample one of our 52 pies!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Still here

Yep, it’s been quiet around here, hasn’t it? Well we were on vacation then thrown back into work (busybusy) and now a holiday weekend. So to make up for the silence here are a few of my favorite shots from our trip up north.

Hope you like this one..cause it’s probably going on our christmas card!family dunehr_0800_204_663__0800204663009hr_0800_224_575__0800224575009hr_0800_229_224__0800229224009hr_0800_229_643__0800229643009hr_0800_230_112__0800230112009hr_0800_230_121__0800230121009hr_0800_231_301__0800231301009hr_0800_235_913__0800235913009hr_0800_249_030__0800249030009hr_0800_251_618__0800251618009hr_0800_251_604__0800251604009hr_0800_258_870__0800258870009hr_0800_258_871__0800258871009hr_0800_261_707__0800261707009hr_0800_249_456__0800249456009hr_0800_249_472__0800249472009

Happy Independence day!

P.S. I finally updated our cover photo to include Charlie.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thoughtful Thursday-A Beautiful Life

I saw this post on intagram last week (thanks Laura) and it really hit me. 

2014-06-04 14.06.52

There are times when I feel like I’m not really living my life. Like I’m waiting for my life to begin….my real life. But then I realize this is my life. Enjoy it. NOW. If you’re not happy with something fix it. But LIVE in the NOW. And make your life beautiful. Because as far as we know, we only get one shot at it here on earth. So while Adam and I are waiting for our “Forever” home and a new job path for him I need to work on reminding myself to make this life beautiful and accept that while this may not be where I saw myself at 35 it’s where I am and it’s wonderful…because we made it beautiful.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Humpday PhotoDump!

Despite having my hand-me-down iPhone I didn’t take all that many pictures this past week…but those I did take are goodies. I’m finding I’m just enjoying more and photographing less. This I find is a double edged sward. It means I’m living in the present, but when I’m 90 and can’t remember to put my teeth in I won’t have those memory triggers to recall that one day in 2014 Charlie played with her food. Ha! I’m so joking.

Without further adieu…our week in iPhone pics!

My first attempt at a facetime screen capture! Sorry mom Smile2014-06-04 17.31.17


My TBT for the week. Adam and me at his sisters wedding in 2007. We had only been dating a month and he flew me to Raleigh for it!2014-06-05 13.49.03

She is getting the hang of things…like closing the sliding door!!2014-06-05 16.53.42

My first try at “paella” It was delish!2014-06-05 18.21.56

This is the outfit she got from Bloomingdales that grandma bought. It is soooo cute, but still to big. 2014-06-05 18.57.15


Daddy’s shoes are also too big. But that didn’t stop her from stomping around the house!2014-06-07 09.45.57-1

Obsessed. The girl is obsessed with brushing her teeth. If I can’t find her I look in her bathroom first. Chances are she’s standing on the stool in the dark brushing her teeth!2014-06-07 10.17.22

We came across this shop on our “top secret project” adventure. So of course we had to snap a picture for Grandma. 2014-06-07 14.34.40

She loved the GIANT giraffe at Pottery Barn Kids.2014-06-07 14.40.13

Helping mom with some Art remodeling..more on that later.2014-06-07 17.13.10

Sunday I was an “Ultimate” wife. And man was it hot!!2014-06-08 10.59.44-1

note: watermelon stains.2014-06-08 13.20.46

2014-06-08 13.54.08

She LOVES Diego.2014-06-08 14.09.34

Working on her father’s day cards.2014-06-09 18.42.01

Playing before bed.2014-06-10 19.47.31

Adam and I are doing the 30 day ab challenge. We thought that if we both did them with Charlie in the room she’d want to mimic us. We were wrong. She just wants to crawl all over us and laugh. 2014-06-10 20.06.28

And my favorite picture of the week. My sweet sweet girl coloring.2014-06-09 18.37.36